KP Youth Employment Program - A project of KPITB
Digital Skills for

Connecting youth with digital skills for opportunities of the future.

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To tackle the unemployment and limited economic opportunities in the province, KPITB launched its flagship initiative, “KPYEP”, to the youth with in-demand digital skills and knowledge areas required by local and foreign industry. The initiative was launched in 2016 with an object to bridge the skill gap and establish a thriving ecosystem that supports innovation with a core foundation of large digital skill workforce. In addition, enhance gender inclusivity through the increased interest of female graduates to avail the benefits of the freelance digital economy. The benfits include;

  • Global Certifications
  • Career Guidance and Mentorship
  • Industry Relevant Digital Skills

Why Learn Digital Skills?


  • Propels innovation and competitiveness
  • Required for digital trainsformation
  • Future-proofs careers
  • Open wide range of professional opportunities.
  • New skills to learn, new technologies to master